The cost of driving lessons in Oxford

The most common question we are asked at the outset by new pupils is “What is the cost of driving lessons in Oxford, ‘how long will it take me to pass the test’ or ‘how many Driving lessons will I need?’.

Your driving instructor will, during your first lesson, make an assessment of your driving and be able to give you a better idea of where he or she thinks you are at and how many lessons you may roughly need to achieve what you want, but the truth is that everyone is different and everyone needs as much time or as many lessons as is necessary!

Many factors will come into play including of course how much practice you are able to do outside of lessons with your instructor in your own car bracket. What we promise however is that your lessons will be specifically designed around you and your needs to get you to where you want to be when you want to get there and we will be there for you every step of the way!.

Your provisional Driving licence

In order to get your full driving licence, you need first to apply for a provisional licence. which allows you to legally learn to drive on the road and is a requirement for taking your practical test.

Cost: £34 if you pay online, or £43 if you apply by post.

Driving lessons in Oxford

After obtaining your provisional licence you will start your driving lessons,  the price may vary from instructor and location, however, the average cost for driving lessons in Oxford is between £40 and £45.

When looking for someone to teach you how to drive, The common question is, from where should I start, The usual route is to ask family or friends for recommendations or of course, you can Google ‘ the best driving School in Oxford ’ for example. and You can either opt to go through an Oxford driving school or seek a qualified, independent driving instructor in Oxford.

Generally speaking, it can often work out cheaper to purchase lessons in bulk as you will most likely receive a discount – however, have a few lessons with your instructor beforehand to be sure they’re the right instructor for you.

Oxon Diving Tuitions PRICES

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons in Oxford


Basic tuition

1 hour

Manual: £40 | Automatic: £42.5

Manual: £390 | Automatic: £410

Manual: £770 | Automatic: £800

Manual: £1160 | Automatic: £1190

Pass Plus

6  hours


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The cost of driving lessons in Oxford