Refresher Driving Lessons in Oxford

Refresher driving lessons in Oxford are perfect for drivers who have not driven for a long period of time or they come from overseas or simply have never driven in the UK witch can be daunting to even the most experienced drivers.

The refresher driving lessons can be the perfect opportunity to help you build your confidence. Whilst also making sure you have not picked up any bad driving habits over the years.

Our refresher driving lesson in Oxford is tailored for various circumstances:

  •  You hold a full driving licence but have not driven for some time.
  • The type of driving needs to do has changed (moved to a busier area, need to drive long distances).
  •  You lack confidence in your driving (motorway, city centre, parking).


At Oxon Driving Tuitions we make sure to increase your road confidence you can try our exclusive training. Designed to empower your confidence and greater knowledge. You will be taking refresher lessons with experienced and fully qualified driving instructors. offering tuitions and guided practice for drivers that are qualified but lack confidence in few driving areas, or those in need for refresher training. The sessions for in-car training comprises an initial evaluation.

The refresher driving course in Oxford is accompanied by a workbook to facilitate your in-car training sessions and aid you in identifying areas where you require further guidance during or after the course.

Our in-car training is focused to meet your specified needs at a feasible time at your own convenience, you will not be required to take a test at the end – these simple sessions help you develop better confidence in road driving.

Posted on Jul 15, 2020 by Sam

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Refresher Driving Lessons in Oxford