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What Is An Intensive Driving Course?

The course also commonly known as crash course is a full-on driving course, and you need to pass your test in typically a week. An intensive driving course crams all you need to train in a shorter period than normal. It usually takes around 8 hours a day. Therefore, instead of taking a lesson or two every week, while spreading the rest over weeks or months, this course crams the whole learning into a much shorter time frame. To take the course, you must hold a provisional UK driving license. You also need learner driver insurance if you intend to use your car. As part of the course, you can take both theory and practical tests, but most schools prefer you pass the theory first, and be able to demonstrate a basic level of skill after you have already passed the theory. It is possible to do the training in your local area and then take a residential course away from home. For those who would prefer something less extreme, there are semi-intensive courses that can allow you to take time out even as you pass the theory test.

What Do You Do On An Intensive Driving Course?

The intensive driving course oxford involves one-on-one tuition with a professional driving instructor. The course offers similar training as an ordinary course, and the only main difference is that the sessions are longer. The course is often tailored to focus on the area that you are least comfortable with. The instructor gauges your skills, thus focusing more on your weak areas that need improvement. For learners who have no driving experience, the course will take on average two weeks. But, for learners who want to refresh their skills before a test, it may take a maximum of three days. There are no hard and fast rules, and things change depending on an individual’s prior experience and ability. With the residential course, before you are introduced to an instructor, you will need to attend training and be briefed on road rules. At the end of your learning, you will have a tracked practical test. The daily lessons range from 2 to 8 hours per day, so it’s vital to gauge whether you can be available that much time each day.

How much is an intensive driving course in Oxford?

in Oxford Intensive driving course charges vary between one training centre and the other. There are so many variables involved in determining cost. Most schools will charge a whole on-board course rather than per hour spent. Compared to an ordinary course, it is cheaper to have an intensive course. The whole amount is paid upfront, unlike ordinary courses where you pay at an hourly rate. However, whichever way you choose, you need to pass the test. And, if you fail the test, you will end up spending more money. Additionally, it is worth noting that it is not guaranteed that you will pass the test. A  3 days course in Oxford may cost you £370 (10 Hours of manual Lessons ), but this can only be an option for those who require a few hours of practice before the test. A course taking one week(5 DAYS COURSE) will cost you around £720 (20 Hours manual Lessons), whereas, for two weeks (10 DAYS COURSE), the long course will cost about £1050 (30 Hours Lessons). It may sound high, but if you consider that the average cost in Oxford of a lesson per hour is £38, then it could save you some money in the long run. For instance, if an average learner takes 47 lessons to learn driving, not to mention the cost of theory and practical tests on top.

that if you keep training with them, you will eventually pass. It is straightforward to choose a course on the internet, but it is very vital to make sure it is run by a qualified driving instructor (ADI) who is approved by DVSA standards.

So, is an intensive driving course worth it? Yes, with weekly driving lessons, the course allows you to train quickly and save money. But, passing the test is not guaranteed.

Manual: £370 | Automatic: £390

Manual: £720 | Automatic: £770

Manual: £1050 | Automatic: £1100

Where Can I Take An Intensive Driving Course?

All driving schools in Oxford offer intensive courses. You should be able to find one in your local area. Before choosing the right company for you, it is crucial to do research. Read reviews from other customers and also check the pass rate, don’t just go for the cheapest option. In most cases, the instructor may be able to pick you from your workplace or at home and train you on local roads. For a residential course, you will attend a training centre and solely concentrate on your driving away from home without distractions.

Is Passing the Intensive Driving Course Test Guaranteed?

The work of the instructor is to give you the knowledge and teach you the skills required for you to pass a test. However, the test is carried out by an independent government examiner. No school or driving can guarantee a pass. It is the examiner who accesses your performance. Some websites guarantee a pass, but be wary, as this can be misleading. It is a way of advertising that if you keep training with them, you will eventually pass. It is straightforward to choose a course on the internet, but it is very vital to make sure it is run by a qualified driving instructor (ADI) who is approved to DVSA standards.

So, is an intensive driving course worth? Yes, with weekly driving lessons, the course allows you to train very fast and save you money. But, passing the test is not guaranteed.

Oxford Intensive Driving lessons

We offer Intensive Driving Course Oxford from 5-day crash course driving lessons to semi-intensive driving lessons. Ideal driving tuitions for first-timers to experienced pupils that need to pass their driving test quickly, Oxford Intensive Driving Course are your best choice. We are a professional fast growing driving school with highly graded intensive driving instructors on hand to help you to pass your driving test the first time and we will arrange everything for you from that first phone call, booking your theory test, driving lessons and practical test date.

Our Crash course in oxford is available on-demand and as many lessons as required so that you can have maximum benefit. Our Driving School in oxford offers driving lessons in the form of one-week courses (10 days) semi-intensive courses, to residential driving courses.

how much are driving lessons around Oxford to cost? at Oxon driving tuitions, we offer both manual and automatic driving lessons in Oxford that can match your goal  We have highly skilled and vastly experienced driving instructors who can understand the aim of the next generation drivers., and we also offer a discount for students and NHS workers, and for Block booking.

For the manual driving lesson, we charge  38/hour, and for automatic driving lessons in Oxford 40/hour.






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