Automatic Driving lessons Abingdon

At Oxon Driving Tuitions, we strictly follow DVSA standards and approved learning methodology. Our Automatic driving lessons in Abingdon focus on Student-centered learning, also known as learner-centred education, which shifts the focus of instruction from the driving instructor to the pupil. encourage them to ask lots of questions, that is why more than 80% of our driving pupils pass their driving test for the first time in Oxford

Our priority is to make sure that firstly, you get to grips with the driving basics, and then your driving lessons change to relatively busier roads in order to give you the taste of different road conditions and situations and increased hazards. In order to learning process very effective, Our approved and qualified driving instructors in Abingdon maintain a relaxed and friendly environment.

Abingdon is located 6 miles south of Oxford, 15 miles south-east of Witney and 19 miles north of Newbury in the flat valley of the Thames on its west (right) bank

Cheap Driving Lessons in Abingdon

The overall cost of driving lessons is less when compared to other driving schools in Abingdon. We not only teach our pupils to pass their driving tests but to become safe drivers.

There aren’t many ways to make this part of learning to drive cheaper, but bear in mind that you’ll save money in the long run if you have the RIGHT instructor who will teach you efficiently.

A cheap instructor might be good now, but if it takes longer for you to pass your test.

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