Ready to take my driving test

Knowing when you are ready to take your driving test in oxford can be hard. There are some learners that think they’re ready from the moment they hop into the car for the first time and others who don’t have the confidence to take the leap from learner to full licence holder. So whether you’re an eager beaver or a nervous nelly, we’ve pulled together 5 signs that you should check out – to see if you’re ready or not to take a practical test!

1. The go-ahead from your driving instructor

One of the best ways to know when you’re ready to take your driving test is if your oxford driving instructor approves, basically, if they think you’re ready to give it a go then go for it!

2. Take Mock tests

one of the best way to know if you’re ready to take your driving test is to take a mock test, You may feel confident behind the wheel, but how does that work when you’re in test conditions? you need just to ask your driving instructor to conduct one for you,

3. Get used to the unfamiliar roads

You may be a pro heading to and from the same place, but what about driving in unknown surroundings? Ask your instructor (or in your private practice) to go somewhere you haven’t been before. The change of scenery will keep you on your toes and boost your confidence – if you handle this, it’s a sign you’re ready to become a driver with a full licence!

A tasty bonus – if you head out to unknown places during private practice, there’s nothing stopping you from hitting up a McDonalds’ drive-thru on route. Confidence in a new driving situation like going through a drive-thru AND chicken nuggets – what more could you ask for?

4. Don’t fear failure

One thing that can change the outcome of a driving test for learners is that they’re so worried about failing the test, they often make mistakes which they wouldn’t usually make. This may be why the majority of people (just over 53%) pass with 2 or more attempts on their test*. It’s all about being confident within yourself and your driving ability, and trying not to let the nerves get the better of you!

5. Your instructor eases off

We asked a few driving instructors how they can tell if a learner is ready to take their test! Check out what they said below:

“When you’re driving quite happily and your driving instructor is sitting at your side, watching you, without saying a word! When you can safely make your own decisions and know they are correct. When you can follow road signs and a satnav with ease J” – Pennie Sue Alexander

“When at the end of a drive, there is little to discuss, and then for the next few drives when they (the pupil) consistently and calmly make safe judgements and decisions!” – Kate Newton

“When they can drive a car for at least 50 minutes with no help, guidance or assistance” 

Posted on Nov 5, 2019 by Sam

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Ready to take my driving test