Why You Should Switch to an Automatic Transmission

A tendency to shift entirely to automatic transmission in cars definitely exists. So, it may be time to consider doing it yourself! Whether it’s to jump at the trend or to make sure you have enough time to get used to it before you’re forced to use it, it’s a good idea to get a car with an automatic. If you need to be convinced, however, let’s take a closer look at why you should switch to an automatic transmission.

Understanding automatic transmission

Even the most inexperienced drivers understand automatic transmission on a basic level. Simply put, it merely changes gears for you automatically, hence the name. However, to truly appreciate the ingenuity of automatic transmission would require a lot of technical knowledge. Needless to say, it is one of the most complex systems in a vehicle. Regardless, its many, many benefits are the reason why you should switch to an automatic transmission. Not the least of which is the fact that driving with automatic transmission is a lot safer than driving a manual car. Still, many drivers do laud manual transmission for two reasons: increased level of control and the cheaper costs associated with it. 

The current trend

The first reason you should switch to an automatic transmission is the trend of phasing out the manual. More and more vehicles are starting to opt for automatic over the manual. Even some driving schools are starting to push the agenda and making manual transmission handling no longer a requirement in their driving test. Of course, this is still not very widely spread. Your driving instructor is still likely to insist you master manual transmission before letting you anywhere near a driving test. Another contributor to this trend, and a large one at that, are electric cars. Electric cars are improving fast, and one feature they all share is an automatic transmission. This means that the expected shift to entirely using electric cars will, by necessity, make manual transmission obsolete in standard vehicles. Now, some sports cars might actually stick to manual, but they would be a serious minority.

Nicer car models

As a necessary side effect of the previously discussed trend, it is a simple fact that automatic transmission cars are the nicer and newer models. The automatic transmission has become one of the trademarks of a progressive vehicle brand. This means more and more manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and opting to go fully automatic. If you have a passion for manual transmission cars, you’ll likely discover that your options are dwindling at an alarming speed. Besides that, the sheer innovation shown in brands that embrace automatic transmission typically overshadows anything their competitors produce in the opposite camp. And while ‘traditional’ car models will always be popular, there’s something to say about the sleek beauty of innovative models.

Smoother driving experience

If you value the quality of your driving experience, then you definitely have a compelling reason why you should switch to an automatic transmission. Driving with it in your car just feels so much nicer and smoother. The stress of dealing with the manual is completely gone. And jerky or rough driving, which is often characteristic of less experienced drivers, is completely gone, too. You just need to compare the two to know the difference. You can use the data from telematics insurance to confirm this. You’ll quickly notice how much better your scores are when using automatic compared to trying to wrangle the manual. And even experienced drivers will hardly complain about having a less stressful driving experience!

Better fuel efficiency

As the experts from peasleyboisemovers.com like to point out, in the current economy,it is highly crucial to save where you can on transportation and commuting costs. This is yet another reason why you should switch to an automatic transmission! Cars with it have vastly better fuel efficiency. While at the same time achieving much better acceleration and even having higher engine power. All this adds up to a while, which performs better by nearly every metric while also being more comfortable to drive! Your wallet would be under much less stress long term if you do decide to make the switch from manual to automatic. Even the slightest difference in fuel efficiency tends to add up quickly over months and years of car use.

Easier on beginners

One of the reasons why driving lessons did not pay as much attention to automatic transmission is because of how easy and intuitive it is to use. After all, past some minor adjustments which can be made easily even without relying on the help of a driving instructor, driving an automatic does not require anything from you. The car does all the work for you, leaving you the leisure to assess road and traffic conditions. This vastly improves decision-making in beginner drivers and lessens the stress and physical toll of driving. Which, of course, can also help you overcome your fear of driving if you are suffering from it. This reduced possibility of human error in beginner drivers naturally makes it safer for them to be on the road, which makes it much easier for them to get enough experience in a safe and controlled manner.

The usefulness of automatic in urban driving conditions

The final reason why you should switch to an automatic transmission is just how easier it is to use in urban conditions. Now, finding the right assistance to master driving is, of course, necessary. But driving to schools will hardly arm you to deal with rush hour. Being caught in an endless look of stop, move a tiny bit, stop for what can sometimes be hours is mentally and physically exhausting. This massively increases the chance of making careless mistakes. Such as accidentally shifting into a higher gear than you intended and ramming into the car ahead of you. This is a dangerous and costly mistake that can get you into a lot of trouble. Automatic transmission, on the other hand, nearly entirely eliminates the chance of this happening. After all, stopping on time when your car is not jerking under you is much easier! 

Final comment

We hope we’ve managed to convince you why you should switch to an automatic transmission! It is impossible to resist change forever. And even the most devoted lovers of a manual transmission will eventually have to make the shift. It is just a matter of delaying the inevitable, we’re afraid.

Posted on Oct 27, 2022 by Sam

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Why You Should Switch to an Automatic Transmission