How to look after your car Tyres in lockdown?

During the coronavirus lockdown, we may have our car unused for a long period and later find an Under-inflated tyre. It is possible to avoid this to an extent if follow take the correct steps. Here are some tips on how Maintaining the correct tyre pressure so that you will not have to spend on servicing when want to make use of it again.

What can affect tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure can be affected if you leave your car parked for a long period, by weight/load, speed and even by the way you drive. You can find the information about tyre pressure for your car on your driver’s handbook. You will be presented with two sets of readings – a standard reading and a reading for when you are carrying additional weight such as passengers or luggage.

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How do I find out the correct tyre pressure for my car?

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is an important factor in both the safety and longevity of tyres. Over or under inflation could adversely affect the vehicle handling and the tyre’s performance and durability and also reduces your engine’s workload.

Dependant on size. To test your tyre pressure, take off the dust cap on the tyre’s valve. Fix on the pressure gauge and make a note of the reading. Your driver’s handbook will provide you with the correct pressure ratings for your tyres. It is always best to check as the tyre pressure for the front and rear may differ. If your tyre needs extra air, you should inflate it using an air pump at home, or use the facilities provided in many petrol stations.

Park indoors or use a car cover

Consider parking your car indoors. It’ll be safer and cleaner. If you don’t have this option, try to invest in a quality cover. Make sure to buy one that fits your car model or type. Also, avoid using the cover indoors as this will ensure getting rid of moisture faster.

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Jack up your car

Vehicles that have been stationary for long periods develop flat spots on tyres. To avoid this, use four jacks (or blocks of wood) so that the car doesn’t rest on the wheels. Sports cars with low profile tyres can be left without support for as much as two months without any damage to the tyres.

Clean the interiors before parking the car

This might be stating the obvious, but we’re going to tell you anyway. People tend to leave trash in cars, including chocolate or biscuit wrappers (with crumbs inside), old newspapers, water bottles and so on. All of this could rot or, worse, attract rodents that can damage floor mats, seat covers and even wiring. So, clean the interior thoroughly and spray a little freshener. But don’t use too much as even as it will stink in the closed confines over a long period.

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Posted on Apr 4, 2020 by Sam

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How to look after your car Tyres in lockdown?