Future of Driving Schools After the Coronavirus Pandemic

The current state of pandemic

Over the past few months, we’ve seen the disruption of so many businesses and institutions because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19.)

This pandemic has led to major socioeconomic disruption across the globe, postponement of sports, cultural and religious events, and widespread fear of essential supply shortage—causing panic buying among many households.

Conspiracy theories and fake news about the virus are also emerging through different social media platforms, causing more panic and racism against Chinese and other Asian people.

Social distancing and prevention of the disease

Now that the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is quickly spreading across countries to countries around the world, people are advised to “self-quarantine” and to stay away from crowded areas, or what they refer to as“social distancing.”

The primary reason for this social distancing is because the coronavirus disease is spread from person to person through droplets that are transmitted into the air from sneezing or coughing, which could get into the the nearby people’s eyes, nose or mouth.The particles of these droplets travel swiftly into our system, hijacking our metabolism as it multiplies.

Government all around the world are promoting social distancing as a preventive measure in order to stop or slow down the spread of the disease. Because if not, the emerging number of sick people coming to hospitals and medical institutions all at once will cause these health-care systems to collapse.

To prevent the virus from spreading, we will be needing to change our way of living—the things we do, how we socialize, work, shop, exercise, and the likes.

Other examples of social distancing would be:

  • Having to work at your very home, instead of heading to the office.
  • Suspension of classes and switching to online classes.
  • Cancelling or postponing driving lessons or tests.

How Driving Schools are affected

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses all around the world are experiencing great loss. Huge shifts in market shares, and disruption of economic growth that was built up for so many years.

Among the sectors, driving schools are one of the most badly damaged businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic-with the cancellation of driving classes, driving tests, motorcycle tests, ADI checks and test, and bus driving tests. For as you know, all of these are close proximity activities and may include physical contacts, which are all clearly against the social distancing protocol that was announced by the government and most health sectors.

The customer health and safety are taken in utmost consideration, despite the financial damage caused by the client’s cancellation of their services. Also, because of the government strict preventive measures, most driving schools and institutions are temporarily closed until the COVID-19 situation is completely settled. It is important to adapt to these protocols, and to the new way of living.

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Future of driving schools after this outbreak

The future may look uncertain, and we don’t exactly know how it will be like. But one thing’s for sure, people will become more sceptical and wary about cleanliness, and the government may continue some of their preventive measures like setting up temperature scanners everywhere.

Businesses which requires human gathering or contact are experiencing great loss, and are perceived to face greater loss as the confirmed infected cases of coronavirus disease continue to rise. Unlike gyms where you can start having online gym sessions, in driving schools, you cannot just simply rely on online driving lessons because it requires physical assistance and guidance since your safety is in stake.

But after this pandemic subsides, driving schools and other businesses that require physical contact are more likely to take the following precautions:

  • usage of surgical masks
  • avoiding direct contact with drivers and passengers
  • practising proper hygiene (washing hands frequently, or covering their nose or mouth with tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing)

Both the passenger and the driver are at risk since this activity requires both to be in a confined space. After the pandemic, driving school institutions are more likely to:

  • constantly clean their vehicles using appropriate grade disinfectants to kill the germs or virus in the surfaces that the passenger and the driver have touched
  • keeping a box of tissue in the car
  • keeping an alcohol-based hand rub in the car
  • advising both driver and passenger to use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% of alcohol in it

Driving school institutions will be more careful and aware of the disinfection principles because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is perceivable that these institutions will advise their drivers or assign a cleaner that will regularly clean and disinfect the surfaces of the vehicle that was in contact with the passenger and the driver. As part of good hygiene, they will most likely be required to clean the vehicle, and as well as disinfecting oneself at the end of each shift.

Moreover, with the constant rise of technology, some driving school institutions are implementing the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in assisting their clients. This can decrease the likeliness of physical contact whilst providing driving lessons at the same time.

This AI-powered driving assistance provides an analysis of the client’s behaviour inside the vehicle, providing feedback on their driving posture and reducing stress. It can also aid the clients with roadside alerts and signal identification that will help them if they’re practising which signal to use when turning, changing lanes, etc.

Finding hope amidst the catastrophe

If you’re-reading this, you’re probably at home and all your routines are dead because of the self-isolation protocol imposed by the government. But in this moment, it is important to keep yourself from getting into a depressive state.

Bad times are inevitable. But in worst of times, there is still hope. As a matter of fact, it was reported that the lives in China and South Korea are slowly going back to normal; the rate of infected people in Italy is moderating, and several experts around the world are working on the treatment and vaccine for the disease. Rest your weary heart because the future is brighter than the present.

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Posted on Mar 30, 2020 by Sam

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Future of Driving Schools After the Coronavirus Pandemic